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Signs you should Waterproof your Basement

If you've observed firsthand the presence of water in your basement, there is, unfortunately, a chance that you have water seepage problems. If you are a homeowner, the important thing to know is that a wet basement is more than just a nuisance and potential threat to the structure and integrity of your home; it may also be a threat to your health.

There are a few tell-tale signs that you ought to contact a professional right away. Hiring the right waterproofing contractors can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home and its air quality.

A Wet Basement

Obvious signs of water such as puddles, moist walls and windows, and water stains on the walls or floor of your basement can indicate a serious problem and the need for a professional waterproofing contractor. The sooner you contact an expert, the sooner the problem can be identified and your basement protected from further or permanent damage.

Presence of Mold

Basements and crawlspaces tend to be dark and harbor more moisture than other parts of the house. Thus, they offer ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew. Although mold can take on a number of appearances, be aware that it can sometimes be easily mistaken for dust or dirt. Remember that if you can't see mold anywhere in your basement, you may be able to detect its distinct odor.

Allergy Attacks

It is quite possible that your body will respond to a wet and moldy basement before you are even aware that there is a problem. The presence of mold and moisture can have a direct impact on your home's air quality and, thus, your health. If unexplained allergy symptoms are persisting in your household, you might find the culprit lurking in your basement or crawlspace.

If you detect a moisture problem in your basement, contact your reliable waterproofing contractors today! Whether your home is located in Albany, Saratoga Springs, or anywhere in the Capital Region, Rainbow Basement Remedies will be happy to install a brand new sump pump, egress windows, dehumidifiers, air exchangers and much more! Call us today so that we can get started analyzing the problem and working to solve it for the sake of your home and the health of your family.

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