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Interior Waterproofing System

Basement, Foundation & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Hydraway has built a great repuation protecting investments of homeowners through innovative technology in waterproofing. Hydraway System is the solution to your leaking basement and/or crawl space problems. An engineered and preferred alternative to rock and pipe "drain-tile," the Hydraway System will capture water before it enters your basement, relieving hydrostatic pressure, resulting in a dry comfortable area.

In addition to a dry basement, here are some other reasons to use the Hydraway Drainage System:

  • Proven history of successful installations worldwide.
  • Capacity to handle 70% more water than other methods, which offers greater relief from hydrostatic pressure.
  • Polypropylene filtration insures the Hydraway Drainage System will never clog. No known failures - worldwide.
  • Fusion bonding of the filter to the core provides fungus resistance and keeps the fabric firmly attached in high heat and humidity.
  • Hydraway 2000 unique core design has been tested to exceed 9200 psf to withstand high pressures.