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The Form-A-Drain System


Basement & Foundation Waterproofing

CertainTeed's Form A Drain is a revolutionary and superior drainage system that is ideally located parallel to the footing below the level of the foundation wall. This preferred location, allows for greater reduction in hydrostatic pressure on walls and slabs. Form A Drain cannot sag or crimp, reducing the risk of blockage associated with traditional perforated pipe. Its design allows for greater intake capacity than traditional pipe and above footing channels, ensuring rapid collection of ground water and minimizing possibility of basement water infiltration. The smooth interior surface lessens the chance of build up and clogging, allowing for greater flow of water. Strong, rigid PVC construction ensures a level installation, eliminating the possibility of failure due to collapse or crushed drainage system. An additional benefit of Form A Drain is it is adaptable for radon reduction and conforms to the EPA's standards for radon reduction. Thousand of builders in tens of thousands of homes have relied on Form A Drain, now you can too.