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Since 1988, Rainbow Sprinklers and Drainage has been providing exterior irrigation and drainage solutions for residential and commercial customers in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and the surrounding areas. We have expanded to allow our proven experience solve your wet basement problems. If we know one thing, we know water. And Rainbow Basement Remedies knows how to remove it from your home.

The basement waterproofing services we provide include basement drainage tile featuring Hydraway Drainage Systems, sump pump basins and pumps featuring Zoeller pumps and crawlspace encapsulation. We install dehumidifiers featuring the Santa Fe brands and we recommend and install Bilco Scapewells and Wellcraft Egress Windows.

And if the end project you wish is a finished basement, we can design and construct additional living space for you using a design that incorporates a modular wall system that is both mold resistant and virtually maintenance free, or a custom solution for you and your home.

We are your Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Rainbow Basement Remedies has on staff, the only BPI certified Building Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional in the waterproofing industry in the Capital District. The Building Performance Institute is an independent, professional credentialing company that has developed national standards for home performance and quality assurance. Your entire home (including basement) forms an envelope. All areas of your home interact with each other especially when it comes to the moisture a wet basement creates. As the top waterproofing contractors serving Albany and beyond, Rainbow Basement Remedies will use its training and experience in assessing the entire envelope of your home, can to provide you with the solutions to make your basement warm and inviting.

Why not let Rainbow Basement Remedies place a beautiful, dry basement at the end of your rainbow.

Solutions to your wet basement in Albany, NY & Saratoga Springs, NY